Participation in SASI Regional Launch

TeleTaleem set up a stall in SASI Regional Launch & Educational Marketplace on March 26, 2015 at Ramada Hotel. SASI's 7th Marketplace event have connected over 50 representatives from SASI's partner school systems across ICT, Rawalpindi, KPK, national, provincial & district level private school association heads under Pakistan Alliance of Independent Schools (PAIS) and major low-cost school chains operating in the region.

This event was organized by the SASI team under the banner of Idara-e-Taleem -o-Aagahi (ITA), in collaboration with Ilm Ideas.The purpose of participating in this event was to showcase our unique product & service to the private market. Many other organizations like Basta, Oxford Press, and Pakistan Science Foundation etc also had their stalls in this education market place. It was a good platform which developed sustainable relationship between us and school systems providing education to our country's underprivileged class.